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Sunglasses (cheaper version of the iconic Ray-Ban… although I have seen some good deals floating around on Groupon recently if you’re interested in the real deal!) // Tank Top (Sold Out!! So sorry! A couple similar styles herehere & here) // Jeans // Sandals (old/similar here & here)

You can never go wrong with a white tank top, jeans, and sandals in the summer. It just screams summer! I’ve had fun branching out of my monotone color scheme of grey, black & white, and have donned my blaring red pants more than a couple of times, but now I’m finding myself being drawn back to simpler outfits. Back to the basics, I guess you could say. The colors are timeless, so typically if you invest in pieces along the lines of my last post, you’ll be rewarded for it by your ability to re-wear them over and over again. I also am not a huge fan of sticking out and drawing attention to myself; I’m somewhat of a private person, despite what it may seem like on social media. So, perhaps my style hasn’t changed as much as I had thought. I’m drawn to anything black, white, or grey, and my favorite pattern would probably have to be stripes (because I seriously see them come “back” into style season after season after season!!).  So, it was fun to play with bold colors for awhile, but I have a feeling I’ll be sticking to my longtime favorite color of grey for a good bit 😉 ESPECIALLY with fall coming around the corner! #ilovefall

embrace the basic goodness, friends! 😉



p.s. speaking of “basic goodness,” there is an awesome company called basic goodness that carries amazing t-shirts. check ’em out! they have so many basic silhouettes I’m in love with. I’ve heard so many good things; I can’t wait to order one! I’ll probably go with this one in white.  Or if they come back with their muted neon yellow, I may even go for that one! (ironic after this post, I know, but I DO love yellow. it’s one color I will almost always go for. especially mustard yellow. did i mention i love fall??)

Pictured below: another simple summer outfit. keep it simple with an all-white canvas & throw on a floral kimono to add some depth!




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