Stripes & White Skinnies

Striped Shirt // White Jeans // Sunglasses // Earrings (similar here) // Flats 
I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy anything that hasn’t come from Target (or isn’t in the Target price range) when shopping for maternity clothes. Just feels wrong to drop so much money on designer jeans (although I hear they are worth the investment if you can afford them!) when your body is changing so quickly & there’s no telling what it will do next!. But everyone has different circumstances, so do what’s best for you, but I’ve LOVED the options I’ve found at Target. (#targetdoesitagain, am I right?!!) Target is my happy place. They have the basics and that’s what I’m focusing on during this pregnancy. A few versatile pieces that will get me through & I’ll be fine. I’m gonna bank on the basics plus accessories getting me through with enough variety. I know I’ll be ok, especially with all the maternity clothes I’ve been able to borrow from friends (HUGE blessing!!)  

The Yosi Samra flats were this neon yellow pair I found on clearance. They were about half the price but now that I’ve felt how comfortable they are, I wouldn’t say you were crazy for paying full price. They’re legit. Definitely comfy and oh so perfect for pregnancy!! 

The earrings are old, but I feel like I see this style everywhere. (Until I had to link them!!) Found these at a boutique similar to Francesca’s, so I’m sure you’d find them there or at Target. 

I went with under the belly for the jeans (& they feel more like jeans than leggings, by the way) because I figured that I’d rather have hat for postpartum than over the belly. Maternity shorts are crazy long, too, so no worries about showing too much when you bend down! Those tops basically come all the way over your bum anyway!! 

I ordered some maternity leggings which I anticipate will make their way into the regular rotation fairly quickly. They look amazing and everyone who has them on Instagram loves them, so….. High hopes ;). They are from Preggo Leggings (they’re having a Mother’s Day sale! Go check it out!!) I’ll let you know what I think! 




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