Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide

Some of you may have already finished your Christmas shopping, and some of you may not have even started yet (there’s no judgement!), but no matter how prepared or unprepared you are for the big day, I hope you will take a moment this holiday season to support the local small businesses in your area. Don’t get me wrong….I love Target and I love J.Crew, but I also love supporting the businesses that are in my community. The people at believe the same. As an online provider of small business loans, they see themselves as a resource for entrepreneurs to thrive in their communities.

Here in Oklahoma City, we have a growing community of small businesses and they offer some of the best, most unique items that make for wonderful Christmas presents! Each year a collection of small businesses set up shop in midtown Oklahoma City in what we call the “Holiday Pop-Up Shops.”  Located on the corner of 10th & Hudson, they set up shop Thursday – Sunday, from Black Friday until Christmas. The shops vary week by week, so check their website for details. Currently, you can find the following shops in Midtown: A Date with Iris, Folk.Life, The Makeup Bar, Prairie Gothic, Ratio, Ladies & Gentlemen Fine Hats, Green Bambino, Pambe Ghana Global Market, & Savvy.

Missed a week that a certain shop was there? Not to worry! You can visit them at their original store location during their usual business hours!


IMG_2454  IMG_2456

IMG_2458  IMG_2463

IMG_2460  IMG_2464  IMG_2466 IMG_2467

IMG_1718   IMG_1730

IMG_1722   IMG_1736

IMG_1683   IMG_1705   IMG_1710


IMG_1786   IMG_1788  IMG_1800

IMG_1779   IMG_1797   IMG_2299

IMG_2301  IMG_2296

IMG_2308   IMG_2313  IMG_2322

 IMG_2319  IMG_2327

IMG_2311  IMG_2331

IMG_2339  IMG_2333  IMG_2341

IMG_2336  IMG_2395

IMG_2361  IMG_2348  IMG_2357

IMG_2374  IMG_2381  IMG_2400

IMG_2404  IMG_2451

IMG_2406  IMG_2417

After you’ve scooped up some of these darling and absolutely adorable items, you can swing by Elemental Coffee Shop (just down the block) to pick up a latte or hot chocolate to warm yourself up! Their bags of whole bean coffee (which they roast on site!) and specialty chocolate bars make for the perfect stocking stuffers!

IMG_1660   IMG_1773

IMG_1652  IMG_1633  IMG_1656

I hope you all join me and shop local this holiday season!



(Photo Cred: Melanie Foster Photography)


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