Nursery Decor

I know that babies needs are limited to only a few things, especially in the beginning. Give ’em milk, clean diapers, sleep, and lots and lots of love….and they’re set! They can be quite content with a very few basics and I love that about them. So simple! Baby Charley doesn’t even need a crib right away, as he will be bunking with us in the beginning (so I WOULD love to have that beautiful bassinet ASAP instead of the crib! I’ve been entering giveaways for this one & it’s on my registry as it looks amazing. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win it! 😉 I love its small footprint…perfect for our smaller house and I love that it can keep Charley safely close to me at night). So it’s safe to say that the nursery and everything in it, especially the decor is REALLY for us and not the babies! I know, so selfish of us!… I realize that and I’m trying to let go of having the “Pinterest perfect” nursery for baby Charley. Easier said than done, right?! 😉 Pinterest perfectness aside, I would prefer to have his nursery all ready and set to go before he gets here, no matter what it looks like! (can you say type A?!!) We are making progress, though. My awesome husband helped me paint the nursery a beautiful white (a huge sacrifice and act of love for him and I love him so much for helping me do that huge chore!!). The awful & boring beige is gone and we just need to clean up the edges and the trim and it will be all ready to start filling up with what few pieces of furniture we need! Crib, dresser, rocking chair, and rug are all picked out and ready to order!

You already know I’m going for a modern, minimalist nursery, so I wanted to share some things that I think will really polish it off and add a nice touch of color and texture since the nursery will be all white walls and furniture:

faux-leather-pouf-grey Leather Triangle Mobile animal printsrens-sheepskin-white

Grey faux leather pouf // Leather triangle mobile // The animal print shop by Sharon Montrose // White sheepskin

I’m excited to make more progress in the nursery and can’t wait to share the final product with you! Hope you’re enjoying the process so far. It’s a lot slower than I thought it’d be, but that’s okay. Trying to take care of myself and this bebé first and foremost, so sometimes that means resting with my feet up and drinking a lot of water instead of doing the things on my list. ‘Tis life, though, right?! Always trying to find that elusive balance!

I would love any nursery decor ideas or advice on all things baby. First days postpartum, breastfeeding, etc….I give you permission to give this pregnant mama advice! 😉  What did you wish you had known? What would you go back and tell yourself if you could?!

Have a wonderful week friends! May you find balance this week and peace in all you do.




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