my recipe for flawless skin


Ah flawless skin. Everyone wants it and it’s almost as elusive as finding balance in our lives, am I right?!

Let me just start by saying that I’ve greatly simplified my skin care and makeup routine since becoming a mom, so forgive me for the simplicity! It takes me about 5-10 minutes to get ready if I use this shortened routine, which is ideal for most days where I’m just hanging out with Charley at home 🙂

Shortly before I got pregnant, I started a big overhaul of my life and began throwing away personal care products and household cleaners left and right and replacing them with nontoxic items. I was a bit zealous about it, as I’m sure my husband can confirm! The one area I had trouble finding greener alternatives in was cosmetics. The natural and less toxic solutions weren’t exactly solutions, in my opinion. The tinted moisturizers I tried were meh. They were greasy and didn’t provide enough coverage. I was just starting to get excited about lipstick and pretty much every lipstick I owned rated high on the EWG’s Skin Deep app (if you don’t know what this is, stop reading this and download it to your phone NOW! It does all the hard work for you and rates products based on their toxicity. I personally try to get products with a rating of 3 or below) And I missed my mascara that wouldn’t smudge and gave me voluminous lashes. Luckily, not long after this I discovered Beautycounter!

All of Beautycounter’s products are rated 2 or below, are reasonably priced (yet perform like high end products) and get this….they work. Now, I’ve never been a fan of liquid foundation, but their Tint Skin Complexion Coverage is the bomb. It is the most magical thing ever. It smooths skin, evens out imperfections, buffs the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and dries well….giving you a hydrated but not oily look. Not sure what the correct term would be (semi-matte?!), but it is perfect! Not too “wet”, not too “dry.” The big game changer for me was when I stopped using my fingers to apply it and started using this brush. It blended so much better and it was much easier to apply.

Another key to achieving smooth skin is to moisturize. This is very important. I personally use the night cream both in the morning and at night because I tend to have skin on the drier side, so I can definitely use the extra hydration. In the morning, I will dampen my skin and lightly pat it. Then I apply two pumps of the cream to my face and my neck in upward strokes (per makeup and beauty experts, this helps by going against gravity…I’m assuming this helps combat, or at least not worsen, the effects of gravity!). Then I put a small dab of the Tint Skin in my left palm and swirl with the brush. I start in the center of my face and works outwards. Sometimes I apply a second application if I feel I need the extra coverage.

(Oh and I use this concealer pen next. Probably my best friend ever. #momlife #genetics)



[For reference, I use “Sand” in Tint Skin during the winter & “Honey” during the summer. I use “Light” in the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen year round!]


Periodically during the week I will use this gentle exfoliator to buff my skin at night before I moisturize. I haven’t gotten into any spinning brushes or microdermabrasion yet. Maybe someday I will; I’m sure that would only help the skin absorb the creams better and help even out skin tone!

What have you all found to help with your complexion? What is your simple day time/night time routine? I’d love to know. Share in the comments below!


xo, Emily


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