My Everyday Makeup Routine

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This post has been a long time coming! Thank you so much for your patience. I didn’t realize it would be such a highly requested post until I did a poll on Instagram stories!

I love doing my makeup. It’s something I do almost every day. Because of my newfound skincare line that I’m obsessed with, I’m wearing it less, but I still love wearing a little bit because it makes me feel productive and gives me a confidence boost! Anyone else?! Also, I can’t stress this enough, but… makeup can only do so much. Just keep that in mind! When you take care of your skin, you have less to “hide” or “correct.” In addition to using these four products, I use my PMD personal microderm once a week. I feel like that helps my makeup apply so much better and plus it helps your skincare products work more effectively.

After I do my cleanser, serum, eye cream and moisturizer, I let my skin breathe for a bit. These are clinical grade products — a little goes a long way and you want to allow time for your skin to soak up all their goodness! Some mornings, all I do is the eye cream. It seriously wakes them right up! 

Thanks to my friend Hayley (follow her here on Instagram!), I’ve just found the best facial sunscreen. It doesn’t even feel like sunblock when you apply it. It feels like a really good, high end moisturizer. And it doesn’t smell like sunscreen, either. Basically, I’m so in love and very impressed. I apply this before my makeup and I’m so thankful to have found something so I can protect my skin from harmful UV rays! 

Okay, now I apply a little bit of primer. This only became a staple in my makeup routine 6-7 months ago. It gives you just a little bit of shimmer and it’s a beautiful base for your foundation! I love it.

Next, I apply my foundation (I’m shade honey… sand in my paler moments!). I used to use the retractable foundation brush that is sold by the same company, because I love the medium coverage it provides, but I’ve recently switched to using a beauty blender and LOVE the application! I’ve also heard SO many good things about Sigma brushes and I’m kind of interested in trying out their foundation brush soon! Any of you have it?! Let me know what you love and what you don’t!

Now I curl my eyelashes. Good old Revlon for the win! Now, I’ve been playing with the idea of getting lash extensions for well over a year. I’ve heard the pros and cons, and so many of you are either for or against them! I’ve also heard of Lashify and I’m kinda interested in that route, as well. I’m definitely going to be trying one of them out this year! I want the convenience while having a newborn and since mascara is something I wear every day (basically!), I think it’d be worth it for me. May not be for everyone, but it seems like a good fit for me. Another thing on my list for the future? Microblading! I fill my brows in every day and I’m all for anything that will cut down on my time in the bathroom! šŸ˜‰


Everyday Makeup Post, Everyday Makeup Routine, Everyday makeup Everyday Makeup Post, Everyday Makeup Routine, Everyday makeup

Okay, this duo is what I apply next and they’re two of three of my secret weapons to getting rid of dark under eye circles (the third being my eye cream!). Start with this under eye brightening corrector. I use light to medium. It gives you a good base and does just what the name suggests…it color corrects! Next, apply this bomb concealer. A little goes a long way and it’s seriously SO GOOD. I do a dab under one eye, a dab under the other, and a little down the bridge of my nose. That’s all I need to blend into my eyelids, under my eyes, and all over my nose. It evens everything out! I use the shade light medium. I will say that it can highlight texture, so if that’s an issue you have, you can message me about my skincare line because I was starting to struggle with some postpartum bumps/texture and some of the products cleared it right up. Another concealer that may work better for you is this one. I also have this one on my list to try! I’ve started setting my under eyes and nose with this setting powder and I’ve really loving it! It catches the light and I’m all for anything to brighten my under eyes!

That brings me back to what I was saying earlier. It doesn’t matter what kind of makeup you use, if you have skin problems, it’s gonna be hard to cover them up! Or to frame it in a more positive way, if you have great skin, it won’t take much makeup to make your face radiant! Something I say often is, “makeup can only do so much!”

Everyday Makeup Post, Everyday Makeup Routine, Everyday makeup, skincare routine, pharmaceutical grade skincare

Alright, moving on. I’m super simple so I use my blush/bronzer duo to set my concealer. I don’t want the creases forming on my eye lids so I use my angled brush to put some of the blush on top. Not much at all, but it sets it so I avoid the creases. Then I go ahead and apply blush to my cheeks. (I’m heavier handed here than I was on my eyes) Press the color into your skin and fan out. Start at the apples of your cheeks. Press and don’t swirl. Save the “swirling” for later. This is when you’re trying to apply the pigment.

Next I use the bronzer and do some minor contouring. Again, PRESS and dab! My blush/bronzer duo has been discontinued, but they’re sold separately now and here’s the closest equivalent to the blush (in Nectar) and the bronzer (in Dune). Apply the bronzer underneath your cheekbones. Next, apply some on the sides of your nose. I fan out my brush (so it looks like a fan! Picture a brush like this and that’s what I’m talking about, except I’m doing it by pressing my fingers on the bristles instead of buying yet another brush!) and do a swipe along both sides. This elongates your nose and really does a lot! I love it so much. Then I apply some to the top outer corners of my forehead, where you have little indentions on each side. Finally, brush some along the underside of your jawline. NOW you can blend. Blend, blend, blend! If you’re wondering if it’s too noticeable, blend some more! One phrase I learned a few years back was “when in doubt, blend it out!” That’s helped me a lot. I used to have pretty noticeable bronzer lines on my cheeks. But hey, we live and we learn!

Everyday Makeup Post, Everyday Makeup Routine, Everyday makeup Everyday Makeup Post, Everyday Makeup Routine, Everyday makeup

Now I shape my brows. I use this brow duo with this brush. I will say a couple things: 1) use the shade guide to pick your shade and 2) the brush makes all the difference! Another tip: I start by shaping the outer ends/tails of my brows and work my way in towards my nose. This has helped me make my brows look more natural and less harsh. 

I finish off my face with highlighter! I use this one (in Opal) in the inside corners of my eyes (I got it for free as a gift with purchase, so it’s a small size). Then I use this same highlighter (in Moonstone) along the tops of my cheekbones, along the bridge of my nose, up towards my forehead and then underneath my brows. I also take it down and apply it above my upper lip and then a little bit on my chin. I know that sounds like a lot, and maybe it is, but I like applying it where light would naturally hit! I apply with my ring finger and dab/sweep. Then I use the same angled brush I used for my blush and bronzer and just lightly blend it all in. Then I set my makeup with this spray

Last, but not least, eyelashes! I’ve just started using this lash primer and I really like it. The verdict is I don’t think it’s 100% necessary, BUT, I do like how it fans my lashes out and it’s a nice first coat on my lashes. I do lots of coats and pretty much lose track of how many coats I do! I’m no makeup pro, so I’m not even sure if you’re supposed to let it dry before applying mascara or not, but what I’ve found has worked best for me is to let it get a little tacky, but not dry all the way before applying your mascara. And this is the mascara I use and love. I keep coming back to it time and time again. Oh and I hardly ever do the bottom lashes!

Okay I said last was lashes, but I forgot to cover lips, which is what I usually do in the car! It’s one of the top questions I get asked about on Instagram — what lip color are you wearing?! I use this lip liner (in Pillow Talk) and over-line my lips, especially the top one. Then I use this lipstick to fill in (in Pillow Talk). Some days I use this lipstick (in Velvet Teddy). Both are really good neutrals.

Everyday Makeup Post, Everyday Makeup Routine, Everyday makeup Everyday Makeup Post, Everyday Makeup Routine, Everyday makeup

That’s it! I hope you found this helpful! But as always, reach out with any questions! I’ll try to keep my makeup highlight stories updated for you guys on Instagram. I rarely do anything extra and this has been my every day makeup routine for a solid 6 months now, so I felt confident in making it a blog post! 

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  1. Heather
    October 3, 2019 / 2:27 pm

    Iā€™ve been following you for a long time now and have really enjoyed watching your journey of vulnerability, strength and resilience. Thank you for being so real! And thank you for all the real life tips and suggestions you give šŸ˜Š.

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