J.Crew Men’s Picks // Fall 2014

J.Crew Men's Picks // Fall 2014

I’ve officially been bit by “fall fever.” I cannot wait!! A couple reasons I love fall:
1) Chilly weather
2) Skinny jeans, booties, jackets, scarves….need I say more?!!
3) I met  AND married my husband in the fall
4) Pumpkin everything. (yes, I’m one of those people. pumpkin spice lattes baby!! ;))
5) Plaid.
I could keep going, but I probably shouldn’t. I’ll spare you.
I’ve spent so much time focusing on just women’s fashion on this blog, but honestly, I love men’s fashion, as well! I just haven’t talked my husband into doing a photo shoot quite yet…. 😉  SO, in lieu of pictures of him, I’ve rounded up my top picks from J.Crew’s newest arrivals for their Fall 2014 collection. Enjoy!
p.s. Ben, if you’re reading this, you would look great in ALL of these, btw!!!!

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