Gender Reveal + Baby Number Two’s Name!

It’s a…………



















B O Y !!!

gender reveal Happily Lindsey gender reveal Happily Lindsey gender reveal Happily Lindseygender reveal Happily Lindsey

Ben and I are so excited that Charley will be getting a baby brother late March! We’re both hoping and praying they will be close and have a built in best friend for life. I’m sure there will be plenty of butting heads and rough housing throughout the years, but I also know there’s nothing like the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood. So hopefully they will remember that when they are annoying each other 😉

Also, we’ve already picked out a name. Teddy Oliver! There’s something about naming the baby for us that just helps us feel a connection and a bond with him already. We love that we can call him by name and talk to Charley about him without just saying “baby.” (Although Charley says that a lot right now! He loves pointing out a baby in a book, as well as the mommy and daddy.) We’ve talked to Charley about having a baby brother here and there, but we’re not really pushing it too much yet. I think it’s kind of hard to grasp as a two year old! And March is a long time away for a two year old, too! I think we’ll start prepping him more as Teddy’s due date gets closer.

And for any family (or anyone!) that is wanting some updates on this pregnancy, I thought I’d share some info here!:


How far along are you?  I’m 23 weeks.

How are you feeling? (Number one question I get!) Pretty good….right now! I had a really hard time weeks 13-20. My hips were killing me and I had a really hard time getting around. Couldn’t hardly walk. It was pretty discouraging. I spent a lot of time at the chiropractor and resting. I think I just had to get past a certain hormonal hump before I started feeling better. I blame all that pain on the hormone relaxin! Just thankful I feel better now. Still trying to take it easy and be careful. I will say that I’m more picky about food than I was with Charley. First trimester I felt so nauseous and had serious food and smell aversions. Carbs were the only thing I wanted and I ate a whole lot of Panera’s mac n cheese and their bagels with cream cheese! I have more empathy now for women who have serious morning sickness. It’s rough! You just eat what you can and it’s just survival mode between the fatigue and morning sickness.

Have you done any nursery prep? Nope. And it needs to be done!!! We have a small house and our guest bed is becoming the nursery. We just have a lot of reorganizing to do and that kind of work is so tedious. It’s hard for me to muster the energy to do it after running after a toddler all day. But it has to be done and I’m just going to try to do a little bit at a time until nesting kicks in and then I’m sure I’ll try to do it all in one day!

Current cravings: Chinese food (or Korean), apples and cheese, pizza, pomegranate Izze and the chocolate chip cookies from Coolgreens. Oh and sweet pickles. And strawberry cheesecake blizzards from DQ. Now I’m getting hungry… ha!

Current aversions: Unfortunately, salads have been hard to eat lately. If it’s got the right salad dressing on it, I can do it. The biggest aversion is a smell – Penny’s dog food. I cannot stand it. It’s the worst when she’s eating (versus it just sitting in her bowl). Had to have Ben feed her in the first trimester because I couldn’t handle it!

What are you wearing? I wear one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of non maternity jeans that I can still make work with the hairband trick. And leggings! Still making my Zella pair work (I wish they made a maternity pair!) but also wearing Blanqi at times, though they are thinner and I prefer the Zella material. I’m definitely wearing maternity shirts now because of length but I can still make a lot of sweaters and sweatshirts work. I wear a lot of slip ons and have been wearing my sneakers more. However, I recently discovered I really need new sneakers because they made my feet hurt! Looking at some Nike and Adidas options. I already have New Balance so I’m looking for a different silhouette. Something along the lines of the Nike free. If you have a pair you love, let me know! I’m definitely going for comfort these days.

How is sleeping? Still pretty good! I’m getting to the point where it’s getting a little more difficult to get comfortable, but I’m not tossing and turning all night yet, so I’m thankful! I’m still having crazy and vivid pregnancy dreams, so sometimes I wake up and feel worn out from them if they were especially troublesome! I’m a back sleeper, so I’m trying to use pillows to help make me more comfortable since that isn’t recommended anymore. In total I have 4 pillows I’m sleeping with. We’ll see what the total is by the third trimester! 😉 (Sorry, Ben!!)


I feel like I need to give a big shout out to Ben for putting up with my ever-changing eating preferences! He’s been wonderful and gets me food when he doesn’t want to eat the same thing. It can be hard to shop for groceries when you never know what you will feel like! THANKS BABE! xo


gender reveal Happily Lindsey gender reveal Happily Lindsey



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