It’s safe to say most of us have been facing some sort of polar vortex this winter. I love winter and I love snow (so beautiful & magical, no?!), but the cold can wear on me (especially since I’m cold-natured anyway!), so here are some of my favorite ways to stay cozy and warm this winter:

1) This vintage pajama set. I love how classic it is! Such a timeless piece and I must say, as usual, J.Crew did well on this one. A plus.

2) These slippers. I mean, clouds on my feet. There’s no other way to describe the way they feel. Get some.

3) Hot tea. Or hot cocoa. Or hot coffee. Take your pick; I love them all! Lately I’ve been really into the herbal teas by Traditional Medicinals. Give me all the peppermint tea!

4) This throw. You can usually find me wrapped up in this cozy blanket during the winter. If I have to go out, I exchange it for a cardigan or poncho. Sometimes I get crazy and do both. And sometimes, when I’m really cold, I heat up my rice pack. Holy moly it’s the best hot pack ever. My mom made me one when I was in high school and I’ve used it ever since. Super easy and simple to make, but you’d have to ask her as I’ve never made one! 😉

5) My fur baby. If it’s particularly cold outside and I have all of the above, plus my little dog daughter next to me on the couch, and I have a good book in my hands (or Netflix seasons to catch up on!), all is well in the world!

What are your cozy must-haves for this winter? I’m sharing a quick Polyvore set in the next post with some additional winter must-haves, particularly, bedding! Head to the next post to see more!




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