Cold Weather Wear // All About Comfort

It’s really gotten cold here this week and I’ve been all about comfy layers, including lots of sweatshirts, leggings and sneakers! Of course, I layer it underneath my big parka (also loving this one and this one with the faux fur + both at great price points!), but these layers help tremendously!

This faux leather jacket arrived today (under $60!) and I’m in love. I can’t wait to style it. And I’m in such an ‘athleisure-mom’ mode that I have a feeling I’ll be wearing many leggings, comfy sweatshirts & pom beanies with it! I have one pair of comfy kicks and they are definitely on my radar. I need to expand my collection; I kinda can’t believe I only have one pair! My style must be much more about comfort these days than it used to be now that my toddler (how is that even possible?! he was just a baby!!) is basically running all over the place now. I need to keep up with him!! I think the grey Nikes are my favorite. Plus they’re less than $70 so win/win!


I’m really loving the pom beanie trend and this one is so cute. Patagonia is one of my favorite companies. They are socially responsible plus they create the cutest (and high performing!) products. Best of both worlds! And this adorable Sole Society black pom with red beanie is so cute and less than $25.


Most of these items are on sale, but if not, it’s because I just love them that much and needed to include them anyway! Like the ily couture sweatshirts – SOFTEST SWEATSHIRTS EVER. Worth it.


What look have you been into lately?! I’ve been all about the athleisure look!



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