Bump Update + Second Trimester Must Haves

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Later this week I’ll be 27 weeks with baby Teddy and I can’t believe it. I feel like this second pregnancy is flying by!

How far along are you? Almost 27 weeks. When we hit 30 I think I’m going to panic. Ha ha nothing is ready as far as the nursery goes! Although I did get a bassinet and we’re getting a Dock a tot, so I guess we’ll be covered for the first few months if nothing else!

How are you feeling? Big. I only started out 7 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight with Charley, but it’s starting to feel like a lot! This is the stage where baby packs on a lot of weight and in turn, so do I. It’s definitely hard at times, because you can’t tell your body where to gain the weight. It just does it for you. (Mine goes to my hips and thighs!) I’m trying to shift my focus to good fuel and low impact exercises. Mainly, I’ve started taking a prenatal yoga class once a week and that helps me a lot. It’s been harder to set aside time to practice yoga this time around. Most likely has something to do with having a toddler 😉  Update on my hips: they’re feeling much better! There must have been a hormonal shift that happened at the beginning of the second trimester – that’s when I hurt the most. Continuing to see the chiropractor and get prenatal massages have helped. I also just tried out acupuncture for the first time. It made me really relaxed! I just didn’t fall asleep like I hear so many people do. Oh and I broke down and got a pregnancy pillow. Why oh why did I not have one the first time around?! I know spending $50 on a pillow sounds insane, but it’s worth it if you’re hurting or you can’t get a good night of sleep.

Have you made any baby purchases? Yes! I’ve started getting small things here and there. I got some of my favorite Purl Lamb hoodie sets during their Black Friday sale, I ordered a baby blanket from Sueño that is the inspiration for the nursery, and some other small things like a Wubbanub, some amazing baby socks (that actually stay on their feet!), and a childhood journal from Promptly Journals. And as I said before, I picked up a Halo Bassinest for him which will be a lifesaver. I know it sounds crazy, but getting up and out of bed during the night is exhausting and minimizing any energy you have to expend is paramount! It adds up. Charley has never been the best sleeper, so maybe we’ll luck out and have a completely different baby, but even so, this will be SO appreciated the first few months when they are so tiny and wake up so often to nurse!

Are you going on a Babymoon? Not exactly, but we are going to visit my family in Oregon in January, so hopefully we can squeeze a day date or date night in, just the two of us! Fingers crossed 😉

Have you started talking to Charley about Teddy? Yes but not a ton. He’s only two (28 months) so I’m trying not to push it. Just trying to familiarize him with the concept. He likes babies and does well when he’s around other babies, so I think he’s getting some good prep work in before the big arrival. I got him a big brother book and we’ve read it a few times. I’ll probably get him a doll, too, so he can feel more included when I need to help Teddy. I’ll probably have a present for Charley from Teddy, too. If you have any other ideas on ways to help ease the transition, I’m all ears!


second trimester must haves Happily Lindsey


I thought it’d be helpful to share some of my must haves that have gotten me through the second trimester. I hope this helps you guys!

  1. Leggings. I thought I’d be wearing more jeans since I’m pregnant during a different season this time around. Although I have been, I’ve honestly been wearing my Zella leggings a ton. They’re easier for keeping up with Charley and much more comfortable for lounging around the house. Being pregnant is hard work. Being pregnant with a toddler is even harder. Wear the leggings! I’ve just been rolling the top part down since they’re high rise and it’s uncomfortable to have it over my bump. I don’t like how most maternity leggings are thin and basically tights. It might be time for me to make the switch to maternity leggings, so I made sure to find a pair that isn’t super thin. I found these adorable maternity moto leggings and I think I’ve found a winner!
  2. Sneakers. Keeping up with that whole comfort thing, these Nike sneakers have been amazing. I hardly ever wore my tennis shoes anymore and it wasn’t until recently when I started to wear them again that I realized how old and worn down they were. They were NOT comfortable! So I got this pair and I love them. So comfortable, make it possible to keep up with Charley and they look pretty cute! Come in black, too.
  3. Pregnancy pillow. I did it. I broke down and got a pregnancy pillow. I’m so glad I did. It’s like a raft in my bed, but it’s made sleeping much easier! I’m a back sleeper so it’s been rough. Not sure why I didn’t get one last time. I know spending $50 on a pillow seems outrageous, but if it helps you get a good night of sleep, it’s WORTH IT.
  4. Yeti. This 30 oz tumbler is helping me stay hydrated. I drink close to 3 liters a day and this helps me keep track! I bought the straw and special lid to go on top because I drink more out of  a straw. It’s been so helpful and I love that I’ve ditched the plastic cups. Just ask my husband. There were SO many plastic Starbucks cups around!
  5. Supplements. Of course, taking a quality prenatal vitamin is important, but I just want to stress that it’s really important. This time around I just couldn’t eat many things in the first trimester (except for carbs and more carbs), so a good prenatal will make sure you have all your bases covered. I love this one. Unfortunately, Garden of Life was bought out by Nestle, so I will probably be switching in the future. Mainly because I don’t trust that they’ll maintain the same standards. I’ll most likely be switching to Mega Foood Baby & Me. Another supplement I suggest is chlorophyll. I started taking this once a day and then upped it to three times a day. I have a low platelet count so this helps me with fatigue (it helps increase the amount of oxygen your red blood cells can carry). It’s also helped me stay regular. That and drinking a ton of water helps and I’m happy to say that I have yet to be constipated this pregnancy. Make sure you get one that doesn’t have peppermint or mint in it. That is common and it can stimulate your uterus too much so stay away just to be safe! (This is advice from my midwife, but just to cover my bases – I’m not a doctor, consult your own doctor and get their medical opinion!)
    **Update! My repeat labs showed that my platelet count went UP! This is after supplementing with chlorophyll. My initial platelet levels were 149 back in September and now they’re 160! I know it’s not huge, but I kept watching my platelet count go down with Charley (I don’t think it ever got below 100), so this is exciting!!**






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