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Denim shirt, Jeans (sold out, but these are the same cut/style and I’m LOVING the mint color for spring/summer!), Wedges (old pattern, but these are perfect! love the cork wedge), Sunnies (couldn’t find the pink ones to link, but these black ones are pretty similar. also, loving these & these!)

It’s really warming up here and I have mixed feelings about it! I’m still adjusting to my postpartum body and so dressing for warmer weather just seems a bit more challenging than dressing for fall/winter. But this denim shirt has been a staple for me lately & BONUS — it is nursing friendly. I was almost laughing as I was putting these jeans on. Oh my gosh, you guys. I felt like the little girl in this video!!!  I’m working on focusing on health and not weight or size, but as I mentioned before in this post, I’m holding onto some weight as I’m still breastfeeding. And it’s really not healthy to “diet” when you’re breastfeeding… SO, I’m just trying to be flexible and give myself grace, but some days it’s easier than others 😉  We walk almost every single day and I have been making changes to my diet, getting massages & adjustments, and doing some light yoga. On top of wrangling C all day every day, I think that’s pretty good! (He was 18 pounds 6 ounces last time we checked! He’s so strong and so active. I can’t wait to see all that he will do!) Self care is so important, whether you’re a mom or not, but I’m finding it to be especially important for me to set aside time to take care of myself since becoming one. If I’m in a better place physically and emotionally, then I’m better able to care for my baby.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had to work at the hospital Saturday and Sunday, but my Mother’s Day was still very special. Came home to my two loves, who each got me a rose, a handwritten note (B helped C write it; it was so cute!), and we brought dinner in. It was perfect. No cooking for me, I got to snuggle my bebé, and I got to spend some quality time with my other half. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate big, romantic gestures, but these “small” ones are almost sweeter. It’s good to focus on the people you have in your life instead of the things you have (or don’t have). They last longer and are more meaningful, anyway!

He wasn’t very into this photo shoot at all! He was kinda upset about the grass…you could tell he wanted to crawl away but then he’d hesitate and stop when he realized the grass was underneath him. Haha so silly! Managed to still be super photogenic and a great subject for me, though. Thanks, baby bear! And he is increasingly more aware of the world. So fun to see him notice things like birds chirping, cars passing by, and the pattern on his shirt 🙂

Xo, Emily


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