Blush + Gold Layers & How I’m Challenging Myself this Month

blush gold layers tobi style gorjana jewelry happily lindsey blush gold layers tobi style gorjana jewelry happily lindsey
Blazer | Bodysuit


This year I’ve discovered a few things about myself: 1. I don’t hate pink like I thought I did. I actually really love it. Especially when it’s a soft, delicate shade of blush! 2. I can’t write a style post without sharing something else with you all. It feels so unnatural and I feel like I’m being shallow/basic! (I’m not passing judgement on anyone else who does! Just sharing that this has been a struggle for me. I literally sit at my desk staring at the computer screen with major writer’s block if it’s a style post! If I can share something else with you all, then it feels more authentic & genuine.) 3. It’s really hard to do a lot of things with a toddler. Especially work out!

This brings me to what I’m challenging myself to this month. For the month of June, I’m going to commit to doing 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week. I used to be pretty athletic and very strong. I stuck with yoga/pilates all throughout high school and college and post college. I continued practicing yoga during pregnancy and it helped so much during labor. For some reason, I was scared to do too much after having a baby and then when I did start, I did low intensity yoga at home or various ab and leg exercises on the floor at home. I breastfed Charley for 18 months, so it wasn’t too hard to stay relatively “in shape.” Well, let me just tell you that after you wean, expect to gain some weight!!! I knew that there was a big hormonal shift that would happen after I quit breastfeeding, but I don’t know think I realized just how much it would affect my metabolism. I miss feeling strong (especially in my core!) and after attending a Pure Barre class with my friend Tasha, I was inspired to really focus on strength again. I’ve been sore for the last few days and although it’s uncomfortable, it’s so nice to feel so sore after such a hard workout! The satisfaction that comes from that is priceless. Anyway, just wanted to share that tidbit and I hope that you all are as inspired as I am to commit to working out and focusing on STRENGTH. Don’t focus on the number you see on the scale, don’t focus on fitting a certain “type” (aka comparing yourself to others!) and don’t focus on having to lose ‘this much’ weight. Focus on lifestyle changes and becoming strong versus thin and I promise you that you will feel so much better about working towards that positive + healthy goal!

Also, if you watched my Instagram stories today, I shared that I have diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). I had suspected I had it before (but kind of forgot about researching is further!) and today it was confirmed; I have it! I had heard of diastasis recti before but wasn’t very familiar with it. There are some movements to avoid and I hadn’t been avoiding them, so I have been inadvertently making my separation WORSE! (*insert face palm here*). I’ve decided to make modifications to my barre workouts and also do targeted ab exercises that are specific to helping with diastasis recti. There are plenty of youtube videos about it, but the one that helped me identify mine is HERE. Mine isn’t the worst case ever, but I have about a 3 finger width separation right at my umbilicus. [Hence why I can’t get rid of that “pooch.” And why it feels like Charley is stepping on my insides when he crawls up me and all over me! (It’s just as uncomfortable as it sounds…)] Have any of you ever dealt with it and if so, what has helped the most? Would love some support! As I said, I was clueless… I wish I had known. My son is 21 months and I could have been working on addressing this a long time ago!

blush gold layers tobi style gorjana jewelry happily lindsey blush gold layers tobi style gorjana jewelry happily lindsey blush gold layers tobi style gorjana jewelry happily lindsey

But back to these sexy clothes! I’m absolutely loving this Buena Wrap Bodysuit and Jaymes Drape Blazer from Tobi! They have the cutest clothes! So many sexy tops and beautiful maxi dresses. It was so hard to pick! Ben and I don’t get to go out on dates frequently, but I was wanting to find something that could work for a low key date night (like most dates we go on! haha we’re so easy to please in the area!). Although I complain about the heat and the humidity here in Oklahoma, there is something I love about warm summer nights. And I love being able to wear shorts without getting goosebumps (and thereby ruining perfectly smooth legs…please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to! SO annoying!). Once I get a tan, I’ll be so excited to wear the bodysuit alone! It’s so sexy and comfortable. The best of both worlds!

blush gold layers tobi style gorjana jewelry happily lindsey blush gold layers tobi style gorjana jewelry happily lindsey

I think that dainty gold layers are the best way to accessorize any look. It’s so versatile and laid-back. You can easily wear these types of necklaces with a t-shirt and jeans just like you can wear them with a LBD. Or with this black wrap bodysuit! I love how gold pairs so well with black. So simple, chic, and sexy. Now all I need is to make some dinner reservations and find a babysitter and we’re set!

Have a wonderful rest of your week and enjoy your weekend! And please, if you’ve experienced diastasis recti, please comment below or email me at! I want to hear all your tips and tricks! I’ll work on a post about it, too, because I firmly believe that there should be more awareness of this postpartum challenge!


Clothing items received c/o Tobi. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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