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Sunglasses (my go to “cheap” Ray-Bans!) // T Shirt (old/similar style here & here) // Jeans // Shoes (can’t find the original style, but they are Aldo & these are very similar!!) // Clutch (from local boutique store/similar here….& a more reasonably priced one here! ha) // Bracelet (old j.crew gem/similar j.crew styles here & here) // Watch (living social deal/similar here & here)

I love my blue suede pumps and for multiple reasons:

1) They’re Aldo.

2) They’re suede.

3) They were the shoes I wore on my wedding day <3

I was getting ready to wear some variation of my summer wardrobe (aka white pants!) when I saw these shoes in the closet. I got all nostalgic all of a sudden & decided I needed to dress up my look with these heels. I don’t wear heels as often as I’d like, mainly because when I do, I’m a good inch taller than my husband, and I think that bothers him just a tad 😉  I do find that I wear them more during fall & winter than during the summer, probably because I live in sandals mostly during these warmer months!  But today, I was wearing these blue suede heels, despite it being summer & despite the fact that it makes me slightly taller than my husband! So worth it.

One last look at these lovelies. *sigh*



We’re just shy of two years into our marriage. I can’t believe it. In ways it has flown by, and in ways, it feels like we’ve been married WAY longer than that (probably because we act more like an old man & old lady and our evenings are about as exciting as having a cup of tea together and reading books…). We’re old souls.

It’s funny how you pictured your life as a kid & how it actually turns out. They’re always pretty different, I feel like. I was convinced I would get married at 28 (I got married when I was 23, just shy of 24), I would be living in Oregon close to my family (I live in Oklahoma…), and I would have it figured out/marriage equated to me having it all figured out (“it” being life in general, & I realized you just never have it all figured out. ever…). 28 is a rather arbitrary number, I have an awesome job & great friends/some family here in Oklahoma, and I am so glad there will always be something else to learn, some new area to grow in, & some new way to mature in my faith. So, I guess I’m thankful that my childhood picture of what my life would look like didn’t become my reality, because my reality is so much better than that picture I had as a little girl.

What is something you’re thankful for that didn’t turn out the way you had pictured?




I found some great shoes that are very similar to these beauties! (thank you J.Crew for always coming through! ;)) Check them out here (“deep violet”) & here (“ink” — you have to sign up for shoemint, but you can always opt out of a month…I love shoes but there’s no way I’m buying shoes every month!)!


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