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RMS Beauty “un” cover-up / tank / skirt (old/similar here)

I was almost out of my mineral powder foundation so I decided I was going to take the leap and try something new. I’d been using Bare Minerals foundation powder for years & have always loved it! So it wasn’t because I was unsatisfied at all with what I was using, but mainly because I was curious to see what RMS Beauty was like. J. Crew recently filled us all in on their beauty regimen for their glowing models & low and behold, it included RMS Beauty products [this is where that dewy skin comes from, apparently!] 😉  The foundation is awesome. It really does melt into your skin & leaves it glowing & moisturized (but not in an oily/you-sure-did-cake-a-lot-of-makeup-on-your-face kind of way). It helped even out my skin, especially around my cheeks. They included a sample of their “lip2cheek” in demure and I’ve loved how it is so versatile [yay 2-in-1!!] & easily blends. Next purchase will be the “living luminizer”, for sure! RMS Beauty is also organic, so I love that I’m not doing more damage to my skin by putting this makeup on it. Their philosophy on makeup is pretty neat.  Talk about peace of mind. Oh, another plus so far is that my skin has settled a good bit. Fewer breakouts and more even skin tone (and this is only after about a week of use!/these photos are on day 2). You should check them out!




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