I’m Emily Lindsey. I’m a creative. I’m an Aquarius. I’m a mother and a wife and a lover of fine things (Libra moon). I’m a podcaster, an inconsistent blogger and I’m convinced I’m something else that there isn’t even a term for yet. Some may call me an influencer, but referring to yourself as an influencer seems pretentious & I still haven’t mastered telling the barista at Starbucks what I do yet. Maybe I should just say “online marketing.”

I’m preceded in death by my second son. That experience was the dark night of my soul and shook my world. I came out on the other side with completely different beliefs, yet somehow felt more myself than ever before. It’s like my soul knew all along that I was this way, but it wasn’t until my heart was ripped in two that I uncovered what was always within me.

In April of 2018, my second son died of unknown causes when he was 3 days old. I hit the lowest of lows and for 5 months, was in a pretty bad place. Then, something shifted. I formed a beautiful connection with my angel baby and found peace and a sense of purpose again. I guess you could say I had a pretty intense Saturn return with a heavy emphasis on my 4th and 5th houses…

I’ve always loved fashion and makeup (watching makeup tutorials is one of my favorite hobbies). Pretty things like clothes, shoes, and makeup made me happy. After Teddy died it all felt meaningless. I had no idea what to do with this blog. I had no idea what I wanted to do, period. The only thing that mattered after he died was that I maximized the time I had with my family and that I spread light. I didn’t know what that meant, but I clung to that phrase — spreading light. That became my purpose. It’s slowly manifested into more material expressions and I’m so happy to finally have a more concrete way of doing that.

I launched a podcast called Brighter Moons (available on iTunes and Spotify) and now I’m working on releasing a manifestation workbook. It’s been a long process of unlearning/unblocking and integrating new belief systems into my being, but the journey has been 100% worth it. If I can help guide others to get to this state of blissful existence faster than I did, then I’m happy to share. Yes, good things take time, but if I can help make the transformation faster for you, then I’m here for it. THIS is my purpose. And THIS is how I carry on Teddy’s legacy.


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