Family Visits, Faith & New Mom Thoughts


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About a month ago, my parents came to visit. It was so fun and I can’t imagine how much it meant to them. I mean, grandparents have a special, almost crazy, fanatic love for their grandchildren. People go bonkers over becoming grandparents. (I guess I won’t really get it until I become one!)

Until I became pregnant with C, I never really had a second thought about living halfway across the country from family. Sure, I have a sister who lives here with her family and Ben has a brother who lives here, too, but it’s just not the same as your parents.

Ben and I never meant to stay in Oklahoma for so long. We came here to go to college, then we stayed to get jobs and gain experience in our fields. We knew it’d be tough to move fresh out of college and find a job, so we relied on networking advantages we had in the area. Almost four years later after my graduation and we’re still here.

Now Oklahoma isn’t bad, and we’ve made some great memories here, but when you’re from another place, there’s always a part of you that pines to return.

So I become pregnant and wham. All of a sudden I’m hit with homesickness for Oregon and my parents, specifically my mom. Why do I live so far away from my mom?!! What the heck was I thinking?! I tell Ben that if we have twins we’re moving in with my parents. (crazy pregnancy hormones talking, but you get the picture….I missed my mama)

My mom came out for C’s birth and stayed for 3 weeks to help out after he was born. She was super mom. She knew exactly what to do. And I didn’t realize until it happened just how much I would need my own mom as I became a mom myself. There’s something about motherhood that instantly bonds two people together. ♥

I don’t know God’s purpose for keeping us here for now, but I just keep praying for faith and asking for Him to increase my trust in His perfect plan. When I look back at my life and the big life decisions that have caused much anxiety and stress, He has always been there and it is obvious to see how His hand was directing my steps and my path.

I don’t know where you are at in this moment. You may be exactly where you want to be. You may not be. But either way, know that God is sovereign over your life and He loves you and His plan for you is better than any plan you can dream up yourself. He doesn’t promise riches or money or fame, but He does promise peace and that He will always be with us, and that is infinitely better than a cush living setup, money in the bank or all the shiny things in this world.


xo, Emily



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